Enhancements for Billing Schemes and Financial Reporting

We have been very busy with improving the possibilities to register financial transactions on your contracts and we are very excited to launch this feature to all of our users.

With our latest release you have the possibility to add several independent billing transactions to one contract. You can combine different billing schemes, start dates and end dates, costs and revenues, etc. to model the billing scheme of your contract. Of course you can also refrain from adding financial values if not relevant for a certain contract.

To maximize the value of this new feature we have also implemented a completely new reporting view. Under the “Billing Transactions” menu you will find all your billing transactions including the accumulated sum of costs, revenues and cash flow.
You can select custom date ranges, filter and sort on all your data and the calculations will adapt dynamically based upon your selection. You will find this new view in the left menu in the contract section.


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