Two-Factor-Authentication, Bulk-Editing of Contract Properties and File Uploads to Contract Inbox

We have released a big update with several new features and improvements! 


Two-Factor- Authentication (2FA):

You can now choose to activate two-factor authentication in the security settings. If activated, a sign-in will require an additional security code sent
to your mobile phone. We strongly encourage you to make use of this option to add an additional layer of security to your account:


Bulk-Editing of Contract Properties:

We have optimized the Contract Repository. It is now possible to select several contracts and to do bulk updates of contract properties for several contracts in one sweep.
In addition, we have overhauled the overall experience of the repository with more possibilities to adjust columns and filters.


File Uploads to Contract Inbox:

The Contract Inbox now also allows you to bulk-upload several files at once, either related to an individual contracts or to several contracts. More
possibilities to add contracts to the inbox are already in the pipeline.