iChoosr made their contract management processes more efficient and secure with Trackado

iChoosr is on a mission to accelerate the energy transition to sustainable energy. They act as a marketplace that facilitates the purchase of solar panels, heat pumps and energy contracts for individuals and businesses by matching them with suppliers offering a competitive price. Operating globally in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Japan, and the United States, iChoosr were dealing with a wide range of contracts stored in different places.

Challenges before Trackado

Before implementing Trackado, iChoosr faced challenges in managing contracts effectively. Marc Fielmich, Legal, Privacy and Security Officer at iChoosr, joined iChoosr just as they were transitioning to Trackado.

“Before switching to Trackado, we used a cloud solution where everyone would email contracts to people to be signed, get it back and then upload it to the cloud. Each department and each business line had their own files. The signed contracts were put in those files, which made it very difficult to find the right documents when we needed them.”

Initially, people were not very happy with the transition as they weren’t sure how the new processes would look like, but now everyone is on board and loves the simplicity of it, Marc explains.

Before opting for Trackado, iChoosr explored other alternatives as well. Marc says that Trackado offered a better price point than its competitors, but the main reason why they choose Trackado was because they offered “Limited users, unlimited contracts.” This approach suited iChoosr’s needs better, as they don’t need everyone to have access to contracts, but they need to be able to keep uploading contracts.

Streamlining processes and securing privacy

Since implementing Trackado, the experience has been very positive. Trackado has simplified the contract management process, providing a single point of access for signing and managing contracts.

iChoosr’s HR department utilizes Trackado for employee contracts, leveraging its efficiency in the signing and storage process. And as a privacy officer, Marc appreciates the ability to easily manage access permissions, ensuring that only authorized users can see certain documents.

“Trackado has a function where I, as administrator, can assign certain responsibilities, so users can only see certain files or links. When a contract is uploaded into Trackado, I assign it to a department and then give people access to certain departments, allowing them to only access documents in these departments.”

But their favorite feature, according to Marc, is the automatic reminders, helping them manage contract renewals and upgrades efficiently.

Impact on contract management

Trackado’s design has streamlined the contract management process in the entire organization, giving users a comprehensive overview of all contracts. Trackado’s features also contribute to protecting sensitive information by assigning access based on roles and responsibilities.

Marc recommends Trackado, emphasizing its unlimited contracts, centralized management, and user-friendliness. And he further highlights the great customer service provided by Trackado.

“Their customer support always responds really fast, listens to their customers and issues are fixed immediately. Whenever I suggest new features, they listen well and are willing to implement it.”

The user-friendly interface, unlimited contracts, customizable access permissions and the prompt responsiveness of Trackado’s customer service have made it a valuable tool for iChoosr.

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Good Energy improved their internal processes with Trackado

Good Energy, a UK-based provider of renewable energy to commercial businesses and domestic homes, has significantly improved its contract management processes through Trackado. With around 350 employees spanning various departments, Good Energy was struggling to manage contracts efficiently.

Contract management was entirely ad hoc

When Andrew Parkinson, Procurement Manager, joined Good Energy, contracts were scattered across the organization with no central storage or consistency. The signing process was mainly paper-based and lacking a structured process, leading to ad hoc practices and lack of control.

“Every part of the business was responsible for their own contracts. We had no central storage and no consistency in how we handled contracts. Some contracts could even be in the desk drawer somewhere. We had no easy way of accessing the contracts or keeping track of important dates.”

After exploring bigger, more advanced solutions, Good Energy found Trackado to be the ideal fit for their needs. According to Andrew, Trackado offered a simple and accessible solution without the complexity and high costs associated with the larger alternatives.

Getting started with Trackado

Once decided on Trackado, the process of gathering, reviewing and manually entering information from physical contracts into Trackado started. This was the most challenging part, Andrew explains.

“Since we had so many contracts in different places, the most difficult part was gathering, reviewing and manually entering the information from the physical contracts into Trackado. But the actual process of uploading them to Trackado was very simple.”

Once the contracts were uploaded into Trackado, the platform became an essential part of improving their internal processes. Now, every new contract that goes through the legal team is automatically signed, scanned and saved. Trackado ensures that Good Energy can maintain a comprehensive record of all their contracts, enabling each department to track their respective supplies, keep track of renewal dates and be ahead of the game to plan renewal activities, as well as promptly addressing any legal inquiries.

“Now every part of the business knows what they are responsible for and it allows for them to have access to that information quickly and easily. This enables us to respond to legal inquiries much faster because we can find documents right away. Trackado has made everything much more efficient and with lower risk.”

The value of simplicity

“Our favorite feature of Trackado is its lack of unnecessary features.”

Andrew points out that it’s the simplicity of Trackado that they enjoy the most. He highlights that the platform does exactly what they need, and its straightforward approach enhances their operational efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Good Energy is very happy with the support they’ve gotten from Trackado and would recommend Trackado to anyone who wants a simple solution to their contracts.

“Trackado is the best value product we have. In terms of being value for money, it’s the best thing we ever brought into the business.”  

Good Energy’s experience with Trackado demonstrates how a streamlined and user-friendly approach can significantly improve contract management processes. 

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How Zapmap streamlined their contract management processes with Trackado

Zapmap is committed to simplifying the electric vehicle (EV) charging experience through their comprehensive app. Their services cater to EV drivers, providing easy access to search, plan, and pay for charging, along with offerings for businesses such as market insights and subscription bundles.

Before adopting Trackado, Zapmap struggled with managing different contracts across various platforms. Both Spreadsheets, Google Drive, and Dropbox housed their contracts, resulting in operational inefficiencies.

Seamless transition to Trackado

While the contract management struggles continued, Zapmap searched for a solution. That’s when Good Energy, one of Zapmap’s investors, recommended Trackado as the perfect match for their needs.

“Our main reason for choosing it was to enable us to have all of our contracts reliably stored in one place”, says Daisy Miller, Project Coordinator at Zapmap.

Getting started with Trackado was effortless, Daisy explains. Zapmap found the platform very user-friendly which made their transition a walk in the park.

“The Trackado team was extremely helpful in getting us set up, the platform is really easy to use and navigate and I had everything I needed to get started.”

Simplifying Zapmap’s contract operations

Daisy further explains how Trackado significantly improved Zapmap’s contract management.

“The email reminders for contract start and end dates have been extremely helpful for our client-facing members of the team. It has helped to streamline the contract renewal process significantly. Having all our contracts in one place has also been very useful, the ability to export a report on all contracts in our repository is a great feature and has been a useful point of reference for our senior management team.”

Zapmap found multiple Trackado features highly beneficial, especially the email reminders and the email-in feature, which allowed their sales team to effortlessly upload contracts to the repository, streamlining workflows.

“The ability to bulk edit contracts in the repository has made contract admin so much easier! The email-in feature is also something we use extensively, when our sales team confirm a new contract, they simply copy in the Trackado email address, and the contract is then uploaded directly to our repository. A slight change in our process has made the whole experience much more streamlined and easier to navigate.”

Zapmap recommends Trackado

Daisy from Zapmap highly recommends Trackado, especially for businesses juggling numerous complex contracts across diverse areas.

“We would definitely recommend Trackado, particularly for companies who have lots of different types of contracts across different areas of the business. Trackado has simplified and streamlined our contract management process, which is crucial when we have so many different and often complex contracts.”

The seamless integration and user-friendly interface of Trackado have been instrumental in enhancing Zapmap’s contract management, aligning perfectly with their mission to simplify EV charging experiences.

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