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Good Energy improved their internal processes with Trackado


Good Energy, a UK-based provider of renewable energy to commercial businesses and domestic homes, has significantly improved its contract management processes through Trackado. With around 350 employees spanning various departments, Good Energy was struggling to manage contracts efficiently.

Contract management was entirely ad hoc

When Andrew Parkinson, Procurement Manager, joined Good Energy, contracts were scattered across the organization with no central storage or consistency. The signing process was mainly paper-based and lacking a structured process, leading to ad hoc practices and lack of control.

“Every part of the business was responsible for their own contracts. We had no central storage and no consistency in how we handled contracts. Some contracts could even be in the desk drawer somewhere. We had no easy way of accessing the contracts or keeping track of important dates.”

After exploring bigger, more advanced solutions, Good Energy found Trackado to be the ideal fit for their needs. According to Andrew, Trackado offered a simple and accessible solution without the complexity and high costs associated with the larger alternatives.

Getting started with Trackado

Once decided on Trackado, the process of gathering, reviewing and manually entering information from physical contracts into Trackado started. This was the most challenging part, Andrew explains.

“Since we had so many contracts in different places, the most difficult part was gathering, reviewing and manually entering the information from the physical contracts into Trackado. But the actual process of uploading them to Trackado was very simple.”

Once the contracts were uploaded into Trackado, the platform became an essential part of improving their internal processes. Now, every new contract that goes through the legal team is automatically signed, scanned and saved. Trackado ensures that Good Energy can maintain a comprehensive record of all their contracts, enabling each department to track their respective supplies, keep track of renewal dates and be ahead of the game to plan renewal activities, as well as promptly addressing any legal inquiries.

“Now every part of the business knows what they are responsible for and it allows for them to have access to that information quickly and easily. This enables us to respond to legal inquiries much faster because we can find documents right away. Trackado has made everything much more efficient and with lower risk.”

The value of simplicity

“Our favorite feature of Trackado is its lack of unnecessary features.”

Andrew points out that it’s the simplicity of Trackado that they enjoy the most. He highlights that the platform does exactly what they need, and its straightforward approach enhances their operational efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Good Energy is very happy with the support they’ve gotten from Trackado and would recommend Trackado to anyone who wants a simple solution to their contracts.

“Trackado is the best value product we have. In terms of being value for money, it’s the best thing we ever brought into the business.”  

Good Energy’s experience with Trackado demonstrates how a streamlined and user-friendly approach can significantly improve contract management processes. 

Want to learn how you can streamline your contract operations as well? Book a demo or sign up and get a 30 day free trial of Trackado.