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iChoosr made their contract management processes more efficient and secure with Trackado


iChoosr is on a mission to accelerate the energy transition to sustainable energy. They act as a marketplace that facilitates the purchase of solar panels, heat pumps and energy contracts for individuals and businesses by matching them with suppliers offering a competitive price. Operating globally in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Japan, and the United States, iChoosr were dealing with a wide range of contracts stored in different places.

Challenges before Trackado

Before implementing Trackado, iChoosr faced challenges in managing contracts effectively. Marc Fielmich, Legal, Privacy and Security Officer at iChoosr, joined iChoosr just as they were transitioning to Trackado.

“Before switching to Trackado, we used a cloud solution where everyone would email contracts to people to be signed, get it back and then upload it to the cloud. Each department and each business line had their own files. The signed contracts were put in those files, which made it very difficult to find the right documents when we needed them.”

Initially, people were not very happy with the transition as they weren’t sure how the new processes would look like, but now everyone is on board and loves the simplicity of it, Marc explains.

Before opting for Trackado, iChoosr explored other alternatives as well. Marc says that Trackado offered a better price point than its competitors, but the main reason why they choose Trackado was because they offered “Limited users, unlimited contracts.” This approach suited iChoosr’s needs better, as they don’t need everyone to have access to contracts, but they need to be able to keep uploading contracts.

Streamlining processes and securing privacy

Since implementing Trackado, the experience has been very positive. Trackado has simplified the contract management process, providing a single point of access for signing and managing contracts.

iChoosr’s HR department utilizes Trackado for employee contracts, leveraging its efficiency in the signing and storage process. And as a privacy officer, Marc appreciates the ability to easily manage access permissions, ensuring that only authorized users can see certain documents.

“Trackado has a function where I, as administrator, can assign certain responsibilities, so users can only see certain files or links. When a contract is uploaded into Trackado, I assign it to a department and then give people access to certain departments, allowing them to only access documents in these departments.”

But their favorite feature, according to Marc, is the automatic reminders, helping them manage contract renewals and upgrades efficiently.

Impact on contract management

Trackado’s design has streamlined the contract management process in the entire organization, giving users a comprehensive overview of all contracts. Trackado’s features also contribute to protecting sensitive information by assigning access based on roles and responsibilities.

Marc recommends Trackado, emphasizing its unlimited contracts, centralized management, and user-friendliness. And he further highlights the great customer service provided by Trackado.

“Their customer support always responds really fast, listens to their customers and issues are fixed immediately. Whenever I suggest new features, they listen well and are willing to implement it.”

The user-friendly interface, unlimited contracts, customizable access permissions and the prompt responsiveness of Trackado’s customer service have made it a valuable tool for iChoosr.

Do you want to explore the ease of contract management? Try Trackado 30 days for free here.