Improved User Authorizations

We have added a highly requested new feature to Trackado: The possibility to control who is seeing which contracts within your account.

We have introduced a new property called “Business Unit”, which you will find as a new field next to “Organizational Unit” on the contract:

A “Business Unit” could e.g. be a legal entity, branch, department or team.

User access rights are now maintained on “Business Unit” level and not on account level as before. Hence, by assigning your contracts to “Business Units” and maintaining user authorizations accordingly, you can now e.g. restrict certain users from seeing contracts within a specific “Business Unit”, while other users might have access to all contracts. Here is an example of what this could look like:

Of course the field “Organizational Unit” will still be available and can be used to specify the organizational context of your contracts even further.

“Business Units” and user authorizations are maintained through the menu “Users and Business Units”, which is accessible in the “Settings” menu.

Of course the field “Business Unit” will also be available on all grids and exports, so that you can sort and filter by this property. Furthermore, we have added the ability to filter the dashboards by “Business Unit”. Last but not least, this release also includes a number of bug fixes and general improvements.

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