Automated Creation of Events and Reminders

We think that you should see all important contract dates in the Trackado calendar without having to manually create events for all of them.
That is why we are very happy to announce that we have improved and automated the creation of events and reminders.

With our latest release all events that are directly related to contract dates (start date, end date and latest date for cancellation) will be automatically created for you in the background based upon the dates maintained in the contract.
Furthermore, you can choose if you want to be reminded of these events already when adding or editing a contract.

Of course all automatically created events can still be edited separately, e.g. if want to change the title or the reminder date afterwards.
And of course you still have the possibility to add additional events to a contract as you are used to (they are called “Custom” events now).

In connection to this functional upgrade we have added missing events for all your contracts and migrated all existing events into the new logic.
In case we could not map an event date to the contract data (e.g. if a start date event had a different date than the related contract start date) we have migrated this event into a custom event and marked it with “migrated”. You can easily review these events by filtering by “migrated” in the event list.

Last but not least we have also optimized and improved the contract screen layout and added the possibility to collapse and expand individual sections.

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