3 ways an automated contract renewals system can help you cut your costs

In the competitive landscape of modern business, finding ways to optimize efficiency and cut unnecessary costs is crucial. An often-overlooked area where savings can be achieved is in contract management. Having an automated contract renewal process can significantly impact your bottom line, not just by streamlining operations but also by directly contributing to cost savings.

Here are three ways a contract management system with automated contract renewals can benefit your business financially:

1. Minimizing costly renewal oversights

One of the main benefits of a contract management system is the automated reminders, where you’ll get reminded of important milestones and upcoming dates, such as contract renewal dates. Manual tracking of contract expiry dates and renewal terms is prone to human error, potentially leading to missed deadlines or neglected negotiations. Such oversights can result in inadvertent contract renewals with unfavorable terms or missed opportunities to renegotiate more beneficial terms with suppliers or service providers.

A contract management system with an automated contract renewal process ensures timely information about upcoming renewals, enabling proactive renegotiation or termination of contracts and preventing unwanted renewals and associated costs.

Let’s look at an example: Consider a software service contract worth $50,000 annually. Missing the renewal deadline might lead to an automatic renewal at a 5% higher rate. By receiving a notification in good time before the expiration date, your team can renegotiate the contract 30 days before expiry, saving 5% ($2,500) annually.

Another very common scenario is an automated renewal of contracts for services you no longer require: Lets imagine a software license agreement worth $10,000 annually. The agreement might have been running for a while and your processes and requirements might have evolved. If you do not have having insights into the contract and its due dates, you will not be able to trigger the necessary review and inventory processes in time before the renewal, leaving you in the worst-case scenario with a $10,000 fee for licenses you no longer require.

2. Enhancing operational efficiency

Having an automated contract renewal process also enhances operational efficiency, and thereby reduces administrative burdens and associated costs. Manual contract management often involves significant time and resources spent on tracking, organizing, and managing contracts dispersed across various platforms. By centralizing all contracts into a single repository with an automated system, you can:
• Streamline contract workflows.
• Enabling quick access to contract details.
• Minimize the time spent on manual administrative tasks.

This efficiency gain translates into cost savings through reduced labor hours and improved resource allocation.

But how much can you actually save by streamlining your operational work, you may wonder? It will look different in every organization, but it could probably look something like this: Imagine a team of four employees each spending 5 hours weekly managing contracts at an average hourly wage of $30. Automating these tasks could save $600 weekly by cutting down time spent on manual contract management. This means that you will save $ 31,200 annually by reducing the hours spent on administrative tasks and significantly boost your cost efficiency.

3. Leveraging negotiation opportunities

Having a contract management system will help you negotiate better deals. In the centralized repository, the system keeps detailed records of contracts and their important terms, offering insights into past performance and upcoming renewals. This data gives you a more complete understanding of the structure of each contract, allowing you to enter negotiations fully prepared and ready to negotiate better terms. This often results in savings by getting lower rates, better service levels, or revised terms that better align with your evolving business needs.

Imagine your business relies on a service contract valued at $100,000 annually. With insights from the data generated by your contract management system, you’re better equipped to negotiate. Let’s say this negotiation leads to a 10% reduction in the service fees. This will save you $10,000 each year. The power of utilizing contract insights in negotiations demonstrates how even a modest percentage reduction can lead to significant annual savings.

In conclusion…

As you can see, you can save a substantial amount of money by having a contract management system! Automated contract renewals don’t only make the process of managing contracts smoother—it will also directly impact your company’s financial health.

You can achieve significant cost savings while ensuring contractual compliance and fostering stronger relationships with partners and vendors. Embracing automated contract renewals is a proactive step toward financial optimization and sustained growth in today’s dynamic business environment.

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