Automated end-of-term behavior and additional contract statuses

We have added automated actions once a contract reaches its end date. You can choose to automatically change the status to “Expired” or to renew the contract based upon the renewal term.

End-of-term behavior

We have also added additional contract statuses to give you more flexibility in choosing the appropriate contract status.

Additional Statuses v2

Single-Sign-On Functionality and Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive Integration

With our latest release we have added Single-Sign-On (SSO) functionality to Trackado. You can now use your Google or Microsoft account to sign in. Furthermore, we have added support for SAML SSO.

Screen

We have also integrated Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. You now have the possibility to more easily add links to your documents using a familiar file selection dialogue.

File Pickers 2

Custom Fields

We are excited to announce that we have released a highly requested feature today: Custom Fields for contracts.

In the new section “Custom Properties” on the contract you are able to maintain custom data fields for your specific business and requirements:

You can add and maintain custom fields via the settings menu:

Of course these fields will also be available in your lists and exports.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes, under-the-hood optimizations and general improvements.

Quick Actions in List Views

We have released a new quick action functionality for our list views. Clicking on the three dots will allow you to perform actions without having to view the object first.

This release also includes a number of bug fixes, under-the-hood optimizations and general improvements.

More Options to Configure Reminders while Adding a Contract

With our latest release we have added the possibility to fully configure your events and reminders while working with your contract. Just click on “More options” in the lifecycle section and you will have the possibility to specify the event and reminder in detail.

Apart from this feature addition, we are now only showing events within the next 12 months in the event widgets on the dashboards.

Furthermore, the event grids now also contain the columns “Contract Owner” and “Contract Category” to make searching, filtering and sorting your events even easier.

Last but not least, this release also includes a number of bug fixes, under-the-hood optimizations and general improvements.

Improved User Authorizations

We have added a highly requested new feature to Trackado: The possibility to control who is seeing which contracts within your account.

We have introduced a new property called “Business Unit”, which you will find as a new field next to “Organizational Unit” on the contract:

A “Business Unit” could e.g. be a legal entity, branch, department or team.

User access rights are now maintained on “Business Unit” level and not on account level as before. Hence, by assigning your contracts to “Business Units” and maintaining user authorizations accordingly, you can now e.g. restrict certain users from seeing contracts within a specific “Business Unit”, while other users might have access to all contracts. Here is an example of what this could look like:

Of course the field “Organizational Unit” will still be available and can be used to specify the organizational context of your contracts even further.

“Business Units” and user authorizations are maintained through the menu “Users and Business Units”, which is accessible in the “Settings” menu.

Of course the field “Business Unit” will also be available on all grids and exports, so that you can sort and filter by this property. Furthermore, we have added the ability to filter the dashboards by “Business Unit”. Last but not least, this release also includes a number of bug fixes and general improvements.

Redesigned Dashboards and General Improvements

It is now even easier for you to get at-a-glance information about your contract portfolio. In our latest release we have rearranged the Dashboard section. Instead of one dashboard and overview pages in each module, you will now find all reports easily accessible in the Dashboard menu to the left.

We have also added a new report showing you the expiry status of your contracts. With this tool it will be even easier for you to see which of your contracts are approaching their end date.

Furthermore, we have added a lot of minor improvements, polish and bugfixes in this release. For example, you can now add additional items directly after adding a contract.

New Financial Reports and Quick Add Functionality

We have added even more reports to help you with your financial reporting.

In the left menu there are now three items available under “Billing & Financials”:

Transaction Base Data:

This view shows your billing transactions as they were entered on the contract. No calculations, no date ranges, just the pure base data for you billing transactions.

Contract Financials:

In this view you will be able to see the accumulated costs, revenues and cashflow for each of your contracts for a specific date range.

Transactions over Time:

This report was available already before and shows you the billing transactions as they occur over time. Think of it as incoming and outgoing invoices.

Of course, you can filter, sort and export all views as usual.

In addition, we have also added a quick add functionality in the top menu. Now you can quickly add new items from anywhere within the application.

Customization of Date Format and Reminder Email Options

Today we are happy to announce two heavily requested customization features:

1.) Date Format and First Day of Week
You are now able to customize your date format as well as your first day of the week. Just go to your User Profile and select your preferred settings.

The chosen format will be used for all date entry and display fields throughout the application.

2.) Reminder Email Options
With this release we will provide you with a lot more flexibility on how you would like to be reminded about your events.

  • You can choose if you want to receive an email reminder or only see the reminder in the app.
  • In addition to Trackado users you can now also add any other email-addresses as recipients.
  • You can select the frequency of the reminder emails.

These customization options are available for new and existing events.

Enhancements for Billing Schemes and Financial Reporting

We have been very busy with improving the possibilities to register financial transactions on your contracts and we are very excited to launch this feature to all of our users.

With our latest release you have the possibility to add several independent billing transactions to one contract. You can combine different billing schemes, start dates and end dates, costs and revenues, etc. to model the billing scheme of your contract. Of course you can also refrain from adding financial values if not relevant for a certain contract.

To maximize the value of this new feature we have also implemented a completely new reporting view. Under the “Billing Transactions” menu you will find all your billing transactions including the accumulated sum of costs, revenues and cash flow.
You can select custom date ranges, filter and sort on all your data and the calculations will adapt dynamically based upon your selection. You will find this new view in the left menu in the contract section.